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Become a registered researcher at Our Future Health and apply for access to health data from a health research programme that aims to be the UK’s largest.

Our growing data set



participants' data available

The current data consists of responses from our baseline health questionnaire. This self-reported data provides an insight into participants' lives, lifestyle, socioeconomic background, family, health and health history.

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About the Our Future Health research programme

We’re bringing together data from up to 5 million adults in the UK. Registered researchers can request access to this data and analyse it to discover new ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases.

The aims of the programme

The programme aims to provide two main resources for health research:

  • an observational data set for basic science, epidemiological, discovery and aetiological research
  • a research platform with participants who can be re-contacted for translational and implementation research

Our research resources

Registered researchers at Our Future Health can:

  • request access to the data from our baseline health questionnaire. In the future, we'll make more data types available. Learn more about our data types.
  • apply to access the highly secure Our Future Health Trusted Research Environment (TRE) to conduct analysis and collaborate with your colleagues
  • use the wide range of data analysis tools available in the TRE

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